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AMP Chief Economist's Market Outlook for 2023

Shane Oliver, Chief Economist for AMP, provides a quick recap of 2022 and market outlook for 2023 available for download below, and summarised here.

20230209 Outlook-for-markets-Shanes-Forecast-for-2023-AMP
Download PDF • 725KB

4 reasons to be cheerful

  1. Inflationary pressures look to have peaked so inflation could fall faster than expected.

  2. Interest rates are likely at or nearing their peak.

  3. The geopolitical situation may not be so bad with, for example, relations with China improving slightly.

  4. While the risk of recession is very high, it may not turn out as bad as feared.

7 bumps on the way

  1. Global shares are expected to return around 7%.

  2. Australian shares are likely to outperform again.

  3. Bonds are likely to provide returns around running yield or a bit more.

  4. Unlisted commercial property and insurance are expected to see slower returns.

  5. Cash and bank deposits are expected to provide returns of around 3%.

  6. The Aussie dollar is likely to rise.

  7. Australian home prices are likely to fall further as rate hikes continue to impact.

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